Hello, we do journalism for you!

You must know what concerns you. That is why you need journalism – and journalists. Correspondents, reporters and editors tell you what you want to know: What does who currently where and how?

We explain why these events happen. And we'll tell you what the consequences are for you. We're doing this so that you can make up your own mind.

The home of our company and our editorial office in Frankfurt city centre.
Visit us in our company and our editorial office in the city centre of Frankfurt am Main.

Our offer for you

We offer you journalism: Research, documentation and production. We also offer seminars and lectures on journalism. Our offer for all those who need information quickly and want to publish it.

What we do for you

Our services and products for you are mainly the services of research and documentation. We either work alone with you or together with you. Our services are invoiced according to hourly or daily rates.

Our concept of journalism­agency combines the strengths of freelance journalists and news­agencies with each other while avoiding their weaknesses. The result is an agile agency.

Note cards and a ballpoint pen are waiting for you.
Work together with us.
A room in our company and our editorial office in Frankfurt city centre.
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Who we are

Two to five journalists work for you in our company and in our editorial department as reporters, editors or editorial assistants. Understandably, you demand very good journalism from us. This is why we often invest in further training for you and for us, for example in project management or quality management. We share our knowledge: We support students - Bachelor and Master students - through internships and scholarships.

How we do journalism for you

Our journalists can be integrated into the organisations of our clients more easily and more project-oriented, i.e. faster and for a shorter duration. This is comparable to management consultants who come to a company for a project. The only difference is that we assist with difficult and time-consuming research, implement it and advise on it.

A shorthand pencil and a shorthand pad lie on a table in our company and our editorial office in Frankfurt city centre.
Tell us what you need from us.
A room in our company and our editorial office in Frankfurt city centre.
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Why we do journalism for you

In the future, journalism will be more and more automated, this will affect research and production. In addition, data will become increasingly important for journalism. Furthermore, the tasks of the journalist will change. Our company is our answer to the question about the future of journalism.

Curious? I look forward to seeing you!

Managing director and chief editor Caspar Felix Hoffmann

Caspar Felix Hoffmann
Managing director and editor-in-chief

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